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Hay Hauling

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H&H Hay Moving is located in Litchfield, NE or 35 mi North of Kearney, NE along Hwy 2

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Fast Hay Moving Services

Count on our hay moving company in Litchfield, Nebraska, to expediently move your loads of hay. H&H Hay Moving specializes in custom hay transporting of bales and stacks from your field to the hay yard. Established for 17 years, with 25 years of experience.  Our family-owned-and-operated company prides itself on our quality services and our quick pickup and delivery. Contact us today at (866) 497-6316 for more information.
Hay, Hay Bales

Moving Hay

We Move:


• Large Round Bales
• Medium and Large Square Bales                            

 •Farmhand stacks

    • 10-Ton to 22-Ton Loads
    • Bale/load range from 20 
      bales to 38 bales depending  on bale weight


About Our Service:
H&H Hay Moving moves loads anywhere in Nebraska. Our three trucks are designed to load and unload ourselves when the bales are positioned a certain way in the field.  If you are unable to pile your load, we have a loader available that can do it for you. We can pile and organize your load prior to transport.  If snow is an issue, we can move that for you too.

All of our trucks are equipped with accurate scales although mobile scales cannot be certified.*  This will save you lots of time and money finding a scale to weigh our trucks.  This allows you to buy hay from your neighbor.   The closer the hay, the less cost per ton on hauling. 

There is no job too big or small.  We can move your hay off the field or across Nebraska.

At H&H Hay Moving, we have all the necessary equipment to get the job done quickly. Bale transport rates are based on a per load and per mile basis.  We can also quote you per ton rates.

*Scales are checked frequently to certified scales.

Call us at (866) 497-6316 in Litchfield, Nebraska,
today for fast and efficient hay moving services.

"The Better Way to Move Hay"